Talent Development

Scientifically measure the ‘gap’.

TAMI has been designed to ensure that existing employees continue to grow, and add value. So, it scientifically measures the ‘gap’ between an employee’s profile and the optimum qualities required for success.


Find the Gap

TAMI scientifically measures the differences between an employee’s profile and the optimum qualities required for their success.

Offers Career Guidance

An individualised report will suggest internal classes and courses that would benefit an employee. Where these don’t exist, general areas for improvement will also be suggested.

Increase Performance

The technology can help people find the perfect role in an organisation: their current job profile may not best suit their talents.

Plan Career Progression

Find the future leaders at a senior level in your organisation, and then mentor and train where necessary. (You’ll save on external hiring costs, too.)

Lessen the Uncertainty

During a merger or acquisition, the technology can help identify the strengths of every employee. Departments can then be calibrated accordingly.

Increase Employee Satisfaction

Staff members who are consistently engaged tend to grow and develop faster – adding value day by day. The result is greater productivity, and less attrition.

Eliminate Unconscious Bias

An algorithm can’t play favourites, so there are no false positives. Just great science!