Talent Recruitment

Scientifically profile, screen, shortlist and rank candidates.

Putting the wrong person into any position is incredibly costly. That’s reflected in the bottom line and can also be felt throughout an organisation. At Hire Education we use TAMI, an advanced AI driven solution that scientifically profiles, screens, shortlists and ranks candidates according to key predictors of performance and potential.


Powerfully Predictive

TAMI can rationally sort through thousands of candidates to determine an optimum shortlist. The technology thinks for itself, learning as it goes, and improving its accuracy with each new hire.



TAMI integrates fields as diverse as neuroscience, ethnology, organisational behaviour and many others. It has the world’s most comprehensive ‘integrated task database’.


Incredibly Accurate

It is capable of understanding and adapting a complex matrix of data. That means minutely matching skill sets with job tasks – maximising the probability of success.


Scientific and Sensible

TAMI integrates proprietary algorithms with six decades of research from top global institutions. While it calibrates for factors like grit and EQ, TAMI eliminates the propensity to hire by bias.


Free Up HR

The technology scientifically speeds up the recruitment process. It automatically profiles, screens, shortlists and ranks an almost infinite number of candidates – according to key predictors of performance and potential.


Proven, Global Track Record

TAMIs performance has been thoroughly tested and validated, while ongoing global research continues to update and refine the algorithms. The technology statistically outperforms traditional approaches across all key indicators.